Providence Food and Travels Abroad

     Last week, Jake and I got to spend some time in Providence, Rhode Island! I love love Providence, and there are too many restaurants to eat the same thing twice. Walking down Westminster we found “Teriyaki and Korean House”. What really caught our attention was the “moffle” advertised on the window. The Moffle: a combination of Belgian waffle and the Japanese rice cake mochi. Of course we had to try it. I was tempted to eat one for lunch, but we went with a seafood fried rice first.

Fish cakez
And kimchi

     Then came the moffle, with fresh berries and vanilla ice cream. Indeed a Belgian waffle infused with a mochi middle. Not as crisp of an outside as we were warned, but the chewy center was texture enough. With cinnamon and sugar flavoring the mochi, my sweet tooth was plenty satisfied.

Oh right, with whipped cream and syrup, too.

     Ok, all. The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here…voici le lien pour mon nouveau blog français! Non? A soon-to-be-filled French Food on Photos can be found on that link, showcasing all things eaten in Aix-en-Provence and beyond for the next three and change months. In the meantime, stay warm and make some roulade!

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