Real Tales of San Francisco

The Golden Gate Bridge. I guess it’s officially orange?!

     If my others forms of social media have yet to update thee, I have made it across the country to the Golden State for the first time since I was seven years old for a martial arts convention. Yay! California is big, and San Francisco is crazy: Crazy landscape, crazy weather, crazy people and crazy food. For the next ten weeks, I will be eating my way around as much of the city as I can while photo assisting, food styling, baristaing and fasting during Ramadan (hmm…we’ll get to that later).
     So I’m gonna pull a Joy the Baker on this one – sometimes food bloggers think their readers are interested in their lives outside of food. So here’s a couple of picture of non-food to go along with this life update. Enjoy these while I get my important/food life together with finishing my French blog and putting together some first SF posts for y’all.

Palm trees? Must be Cali.
Colorful houses and electric bus wires. All the buses in San Francisco are zero emission.
Pretty sure that’s Alcatraz…
So many Prii (note the Transamerica pyramid in the distance)

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