Ithaca Dining Installment #5: Maxie’s

     I’ve been curious about Maxie’s Supper Club and Oyster Bar since sophomore year, when a friend told me about their New Orleans-inspired menu. I hadn’t heard much about it since, so I made an effort to ask around and see what people thought. What I gathered from the two others I heard from was that 1. the food was overpriced for the quality you’re getting and 2. the seafood may not seem great to a New Englander. This is particularly unfavorable as I indeed grew up in New England, and additionally love seafood. So, my expectations were lowered going into the experience with Wei En, Rebecca, and Shyla. On the other hand, I was still looking forward to new cuisine exposure.

     First stop: cornbread with honey butter. Now THIS did not disappoint. I wanted to spread the butter like frosting on a cake. We may have had three helpings of pre-dinner baskets…
Also, if you can tell, Maxie’s is dark at night. Very, very dark. I say at night because the whole north side of the building is windows and glass doors. I assume that during the now-dwindling daylight hours, it’s full of glorious rays from the sun. Challenging for evening photos. Additionally also, the set up of the restaurant is like nothing I’ve seen before. There were three separate dining rooms, and they were all connected via doorways. Very interesting.

     Wei En ordered the Damn-Good Fish Fry, with rough-cut fries and creamy slaw. Apparently the batter for the fish was good, but “nothing out of the ordinary”. It also could have used more fish, or less fry.

     Rebecca went for the Chicken-Fried Chicken, with mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts. I believe it was generally satisfying.

      Shyla and I both decided on shrimp and fried oyster po’boys, with Cajun waffle fries. Classic and simple. I would say the oysters were fine, though I couldn’t really tell since they were covered in batter. The baguette was nice, but I have become a spoiled bread brat thanks to France, so I felt it could have been crunchier.

     For dessert, we split a slice of key lime pie. Maybe it wasn’t the prettiest or tangiest, but it hit the spot appropriately after our consumption of fried foods.

     All in all, a good time with adequate food, for a fine(r) dining price. I can now say I have experienced Maxie’s, though next time I may take advantage of their oyster bar.

Providence Food and Travels Abroad

     Last week, Jake and I got to spend some time in Providence, Rhode Island! I love love Providence, and there are too many restaurants to eat the same thing twice. Walking down Westminster we found “Teriyaki and Korean House”. What really caught our attention was the “moffle” advertised on the window. The Moffle: a combination of Belgian waffle and the Japanese rice cake mochi. Of course we had to try it. I was tempted to eat one for lunch, but we went with a seafood fried rice first.

Fish cakez
And kimchi

     Then came the moffle, with fresh berries and vanilla ice cream. Indeed a Belgian waffle infused with a mochi middle. Not as crisp of an outside as we were warned, but the chewy center was texture enough. With cinnamon and sugar flavoring the mochi, my sweet tooth was plenty satisfied.

Oh right, with whipped cream and syrup, too.

     Ok, all. The moment you’ve all been waiting for is here…voici le lien pour mon nouveau blog français! Non? A soon-to-be-filled French Food on Photos can be found on that link, showcasing all things eaten in Aix-en-Provence and beyond for the next three and change months. In the meantime, stay warm and make some roulade!