Hey there, I’m Carmen! I’m a photographer/producer/food enthusiast that thought it would be a good idea to make a college food blog some years ago. Now I have a not-college food blog! Here I write about things I’ve made (usually sweet), purchased, or otherwise found, and take pictures of them with my heavy DSLR or phone. My day job includes working at Food52 and life outside that includes playing the cello and some form of physical activity to counter the calories (recently, rock climbing!). Most often I am deciding what’s for lunch, baking dessert, or googling the best doughnuts. These are the repercussions; consume at your own risk.

Why Rubber Scrapers?
I am a firm believer in the use of rubber scrapers. You can get whole muffins/cupcakes/cookies out of a couple scrapes of the bowl. So you could say the title is an homage to my favorite kitchen utensil, a call to action for all bakers, and/or a friendly reminder to use your rubber scraper! Not to mention, these recipes are so good you won’t want to waste one crumb!

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