Ithaca Dining Installment #1: CTB

     Epicures of Ithaca can have a field day when it comes to eating out; there are more restaurants per capita here than New York City :O! If you want Italian, Korean, Thai, Mediterranean, Indian, Mexican food, or just a superb burger, you can find all that and more within the city limits. Saturday night, I introduced Danielle to the Ithacan classic Collegetown Bagels (CTB). If we don’t count Ithaca Bakery, there are a total of three CTBs in town. Ithaca College has their bagels in the dining halls (hooray), and CTB bakes their bagels fresh every day. CTB makes more than 20 varieties of bagels, including classics like cinnamon raisin and poppy, and “specialty options” such as apple walnut and sun-dried tomato. The kicker of this place for me is what one can put on their bagel of choice. They have 5-star breakfast bagels to satisfy any breakfast snob’s needs. There’s the California Sunrise, with scrambled eggs, avocado, red onions, and pepper jack cheese – melted, of course. Then there’s the nutella-banana combo on any bagel (preferably cinnamon raisin), or the plain and simple cinnamon-sugar & butter.
     If you’re not in the mood for a bagel, CTB also has soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps. They put anything you can think of on or between one or two pieces of bread-like substances, and it will be excellent.
   This time around I went with the Mexican bagel, with jalapeño cream cheese, fresh salsa and melted cheddar on each slice of a plain bagel, since they ran out of the jalapeño ones :P. Danielle got a Danby sandwich with turkey breast, avocado, tomato and homemade parsley-garlic dressing…fancy! I think she’ll be returning.

I finished with no stomach space to spare
Glad she liked it

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