Putting my money where my stomach is…in the best possible way

Can we talk about the awesomeness of Wegmans for a minute? Coming from the coast of Connecticut, I had previously only heard of such a fantastical grocery store. Though I’m not sure we can really call Wegmans a grocery store. It definitely sells groceries, though it can’t quite compare to less exciting Stop&Shop and Shop Rite. But until recently, I couldn’t really put my finger on why I become so entranced by food and life upon arrival. Here’s the list I’ve come up with thus far:

  1. If we’re talking about the actual feeling of happiness one acquires when walking into Wegmans, which is real life, I’m gonna have to credit the color brown. It makes Stop&Shop’s white look like…maybe a hospital. Not sure what else to say…Wegmans’s color scheme is smart and effective. You’ll have to ask their team of designers and psychologists if you’re wondering why.
  2. You know what they say about going grocery shopping on an empty stomach: don’t do it. Unless, of course, you’re shopping at Wegmans. I don’t even think Whole Foods has such variety of lunch food. I had a fair Indian lunch today from the hot lunch bar. They also have dim sum, “Asian Wokery”, pizza, mac & cheese, etc. Cheap and satisfying.
  3. Don’t get me started on the corner o’ candy. Until today, I just thought it was a place to avoid at all times to keep my cavity-less mouth, where you could find every sweet thing – wrapped or otherwise. And I mean anything…including those unfortunate licorice all sorts, caramel cubes, chocolate covered potato chips and the too-damn-big jawbreakers. Though I may or may not have spent a solid 10 minutes going through the ingredient lists of their 20 assortments of gummies seeing which ones ended with “this product is kosher”. To my surprise and delight, they had real gummy bears and real gummy worms that were in fact “kosher”. Due to a dietary restriction of all things pig, I tend to refrain from sweets with gelatin. Though I must say the flavors of these gummy bears are fairly unconventional – all 12 of them. I’m pretty sure I came across a grapefruit, possibly a guava…definitely grape. But they taste normal and everything – I had to throw them from arm’s length just now to prevent finishing my half pound. Hipster confectionery, anyone?
  4. An international aisle is pretty awesome, but know what’s really awesome? Three. And when these aisles have Sprite, we’re talking waaaay awesome. You know, the soda? American soda’s fizzy and all, but try a coke from…really anywhere but the states, and you may perceive an unfamiliar sweetness to it. It definitely makes a difference. That’s because we love us some high fructose corn syrup! Unfortunately, I’m not one to drink the stuff. Luckily, everyone else had their thinking caps on straight when they were making their own formulas…all you’ll see in the ingredient list as a sweetener is…wait for it….sugar. Sweet.
  5. Their conveniently sized shopping carts. Can’t carry your flour and milk without your arm getting tired? Grab a cute-cart! Great for maneuvering around the daylight-hour crowds.

In conclusion: Wegmans rocks.

Some form of fried shrimp, scallop dim sum, lamb samosa, loaded basmati rice
It even looks classier

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