Easy Udon

When I was in college, I would often buy a pack of dry udon noodles and miso soup pouches to keep in my room. When I was hungry, I could make a quick snack…though I somehow found it acceptable to cook the noodles in the microwave for a couple minutes…#college.

Questionable choices aside, I still find myself in time binds these days, trying to find a fast way to dinner before I fall asleep at the kitchen island scrolling Google for recipes. This is definitely an easy dinner to keep in your back pocket, and also fast if you have a few things prepped or hanging out in your fridge to add. I made it up off the cuff and it came out great. You’ll be nourished and full by the end of it.


Grab some things in your fridge – I had purple kale (I could eat that stuff raw, and I did), tofu, mushrooms, chives, radish microgreens (spicy), and ginger and lemon for flavor.


I sautéed the mushrooms and tofu instead of cooking them into the broth, because I didn’t want them to get too soggy.



I used chicken broth for the soup with lemon and ginger root for extra flavor, but miso paste is a great thing to have on hand for any time you want to make a quick broth for noodles, or a flavor addition to a dish. Boil the noodles as it says to on the packaging. Once you have the noodles, combine them with the broth and other flavor-aids (ex: soy sauce). If you’d like, you can add everything else you gathered to the pot, or add to individual servings. That’s what I did, because 1. soggy, and 2. aesthetic. Amirite?


If you end up using tofu, don’t forget to drain it before frying.


Next time, I’ll be using miso paste for a more exciting broth. Go crazy and add what you like, and season as needed!

Sauté? What’s That? Father’s Day Dinner

K super fast rundown of the dinner I made for Father’s Day, proving I am in fact capable of cooking a meal on my own, readyGO
“Chickpea Flour Meatballs”…sweet (literally)


Onions + salt/pepper + turmeric


Next time I’ll use brothy things and make more of a stew than a soup.
In other waay more exciting news, I am traveling the world within the next 24 hours. Meaning for you that I will be leaving this blog for the next eight weeks to make a new food blog whooooa. Where am I going might you ask? Nigeria~~While photo-ing, fasting, and feasting, I will be showing the world the beauty that is Nigerian cuisine. So go take a look at Foreign Food on Photos within the next 10-15 days if you miss me. Until then, happy fooding!

Thanksgiving: DSLR Edition

Happy Thanksgiving! I ran around today taking pictures of everything edible in the house; which was just the right amount for the family. The turkey was replaced with a duck – from Wegmans, no less! And yes, I did bring it along for the 5 hour ride home from school on ice. There were roasted potatoes, turnips, orange beets, squash and Brussels sprouts, so no shortage of roots and vegetables. For dessert was mince pie, pumpkin pie and blueberry buckle…kinda like coffee cake, but better. I’m not particularly looking forward to going back to dining hall food, so good thing for leftovers!
Blueberry buckle, breakfast
Before oven
After oven


Mince pie & pumpkin pie

How colorful (don’t worry I went back for seconds)
Dessert #1
Dessert #2

Halloweekend (#1): DIY Dinner

 A fine meal. Ghetto? Noo, resourceful…
Happy Halloween! Despite the diminutive “kitchen” in my dorm, and deficient collection of appropriate cooking tools, I am not always discouraged from making/helping make a meal for myself and friends. Really anything is better than cooked broccoli and soft beef tacos from the dining hall. This past weekend Rebecca, Tommy, Wei En and I got together at Shyla’s apartment to make dinner. Definitely on the top 10 list of potluck dinner-making events…if I had more than 10 occasions to rank. Rebecca started us off with tubed (tubed? already processed, perhaps) polenta. I’m still relatively unfamiliar with the dish as it was the first time that I know of that I had it. Rebecca put some balsamic vinegar on the pieces and finished them off with some goat cheese and craisins. She also made a salad with raspberries, homemade dressing and more of the craisin-cheese topping. Then Tommy made this baked brie dish thing covering a block of brie in a brandy and brown sugar glaze. Toasted some appropriately French bread to ingest with; what a concept. There was pasta…I was “cooking” it, though no one seemed to trust my see-if-the-pasta’s-soft-or-not skills…-_____- Red sauce and pesto were made for the pasta. The one thing they apparently did trust me in (and rightly so mwahaha!) was dessert. Dessert would definitely be my area of expertise…not that I can’t produce an exceptional pan-cooked lamb kebab dinner, either 😛 Aanyway…appreciating the season and preferring health over grease and simplicity over effort (or so I thought…oops), I made a satisfyingly sweet finale. I have to credit Tumblr for this brilliant idea of apple donuts which were legen-wait for it….dary! You slice apples horizontally and core them to cover them in peanut butter, and top them off with chocolate chips, raisins, dates, sliced almonds, or whatever your heart desires. So no, there were no real donuts involved. And of course you can use whatever spread as well, like NUTELLA! My budget did not make space for such luxuries, but next time…definitely next time…
Hard(er) at work
Rebecca & her polenta
This will be happening again…
Brie in the making
My masterpieces – don’t be fooled: harder than they look!