Sauté? What’s That? Father’s Day Dinner

K super fast rundown of the dinner I made for Father’s Day, proving I am in fact capable of cooking a meal on my own, readyGO
“Chickpea Flour Meatballs”…sweet (literally)


Onions + salt/pepper + turmeric


Next time I’ll use brothy things and make more of a stew than a soup.
In other waay more exciting news, I am traveling the world within the next 24 hours. Meaning for you that I will be leaving this blog for the next eight weeks to make a new food blog whooooa. Where am I going might you ask? Nigeria~~While photo-ing, fasting, and feasting, I will be showing the world the beauty that is Nigerian cuisine. So go take a look at Foreign Food on Photos within the next 10-15 days if you miss me. Until then, happy fooding!

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