A Study in Pizza

     We had some pizza dough. And a full fridge of perishables. You don’t need Sherlock to tell you there’s only one thing to do: homemade pizza! You could take me to the best pizza place in Italy, but I’ll still tell you that the best pizza is made in your own oven. There’s nothing better than putting a bunch of different foods all together on the same pie over any cheese of your choice, waiting fifteen minutes, and devouring it in all its melty goodness. Here is my quick mission to make some room in the fridge with an all-thing-edible pizza.

 Square shots, #nofilter. Here, we’ve used some marinara sauce that came home from a shoot, with little spots of homemade salsa that needed some usage. The hardest part of making this pizza was preparing the dough. Always, hands down.
Add the cheese: we had so much to choose from, but why choose? We’ve got some classic mozz, some four blender combo, and Vicki’s homemade Reblechon for a nice kick. Bam.
Now for the can’t-go-wrong hodge podge: mushrooms (always mushrooms), yellow and orange bell peppers, olives, caper berries. Yes. I feel like there’s never enough space on one pizza, definitely not as much as you thought there would be. How colorful…looks full to me!
Here we have it. One round, if rustic, pizza pie of leftover perfection. Doesn’t get more savorily satisfying than that.

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