Beach Baguette

This is a simple yet incredible sandwich I made my mom and myself for the beach. The inspiration came from a nearly identical sandwich I had at Whole Foods, and even though I try to avoid shopping there whenever possible, sometimes their lunch is very convenient and occasionally worth the price.

The sandwich I bought was in a baguette which was the first sign of greatness. In the sandwich was brie, apple slices, and thick cold cuts of turkey. Sounds simple, which it is, but it has all the texture needs and flavor combos: soft and crunchy, savory and sweet. Easy to make and easier to pack for the beach. No fuss, no mess. There was leftover grilled chicken in the fridge, so we used that. Here it is:

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BAT (Brie Apple Turkey) Sandwich

Makes 2


One baguette

About one wedge of brie cheese

1 granny smith apple

4 slices smoked turkey or whichever white meat you have around

Dijon Mustard


Cut the tips off of the baguette (save for Nutella scoopers later). Cut in half vertically and horizontally, making two sandwich shells. Coat the bottom slices with dijon mustard and the top slices with mayonnaise. Cut thick slices of brie, about 1/8 inch thick, and lay onto the bottom halves of bread. Next, cut the apple into slices slightly thinner than the brie, and lay one layer above the brie. Lastly, add two slices of turkey to each sandwich, then close it up. Pack in plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready for the beach.

Of course, feel free to adjust the proportions to your liking, my own seem to be a good average. If you’re wary of apples with cheese, thinner slices will be a good gateway into a whole new world.

Enjoy the beach! The water is perfect rn.


Panera Breadfast

I guess I always overlooked that Panera Bread did breakfast…I mean there’s not much to choose from, but the choices exist. I went the Saturday before returning to school with my mom, who got a steak and egg sandwich with cheddar cheese on a fancy bagel…I think it was poppyseed and onion. I got a “Mediterranean Egg White On Ciabatta”. As my mom pointed out that morning, it is important to note that we were able to find two sandwiches on the menu that didn’t have any form of oink-ery. The steak & egg was okay; fairly simple. My cheddar/roasted tomato/spinach/pesto combo was mild at first, but then I found the roasted tomatoes awkwardly hiding at the end of the sandwich, and then the spinach clumps adjacent. Next time I’ll try to remember to reassemble before consumption.

What could have been
But it’s okay because their croissants are really good.