The Dish on Toast

This time last year, I was opting out of $4 toast from The Mill in San Francisco. Since then, the toast craze has exploded nationwide, and people are making ridiculous, delicious, or both, pieces of art on a slice of bread. Granted, the toast at the Mill is mostly $4 for the bread itself (Josey Baker), as the toppings consisted of Nutella and cinnamon sugar. But Bon Appétit made the toast trend their cover story in January. Truly, what’s better than adding a fun combo of foods you’d eat alone onto a crispy slice of toast? Especially when you’ve made the bread yourself! If you didn’t though, that’s cool. Read on for party-starting, trendingly on fleek toast.

Little spin on what seems to be a classic: ricotta and honey, plus some lemon zest for fun.
Everything is better with lemon zest.
Another classic: lox/smoked salmon and cream cheese.
Sprinkle some form of dill for a good time.
Inspired by Bon Appétit: smushed avocado, thinly sliced cucumber (peeler!)
with lemon zest, and red pepper flake. And salt, somewhere!

Ithaca Dining Installment #2: Sushi O Sake

To celebrate Danielle’s birthday, I took her to Sushi O Sake, the Japanese restaurant across from the commons that I have yet to see crowded. It could only have to do with their above average prices, because their dishes are quite nice. We started with the crispy shrimp dumplings, which could have stood to be 50 cents less, but they eliminated my hunger until the rest of dinner came. I bit into it wondering if we received the right order because the shrimp was chopped into bits resembling an unfortunate encounter with a steamed pork dumpling. But it was definitely shrimp and definitely acceptable. Then came picking the sushi rolls, which probably took over 10 minutes. We finally decided on the Key West,  Salmon Lovers, and Atlantic. We’re fairly confident that the Key West had crab in it (kinda chewwy…), for I could not recall quite why I ordered it and the mayo covered most everything, the Salmon Lovers was more or less salmon on salmon, literally, and the Atlantic had more salmon. Past experiences with legitimate sushi/raw fish did not bode so well for my palate, but I could stomach this raw salmon – heck I had a bunch of it! Next time I’ll probably shoot for something in Collegetown with student-friendlier prices, but we had a successful night nonetheless.
Fried dumplings with a side of pickle ALL the veg

Work=cut out…and what’s under that spicy mayo/scallions/caviar

No dessert, thanks.