Green Juice, AKA Purple Smoothie

      I’m not gonna lie, the idea of a juice cleanse has crossed my mind a few times. But in recent past I’ve lacked patience, funds, and willingness to not eat food for more than two days. I still know very little about these juice cleanses, and that may or may not change. I do know that I could probably make my own nutritious, vitamin-filled…beverages. And the results could be similar. I took on the challenge of making a green juice smoothie not taste like you’re drinking vegetables, even though you are. My sweet tooth simply would not have this. The result was half decent, for extreme improvisation and no prior research. Here is your start-to-the-week energizer.

For two-ish servings in a blender:

Cucumber: not a particularly gnarly green veggie (it’s a fruit anyway but shh).
I sliced about half and threw it in.

Kale! The super green super food. I could maybe eat this stuff raw in a hurry. In it goes!
It, referring to two leaves stripped from the thick bottom part of the stem.

Half an avocado for a creamy texture. Probably not included in your juice cleanse.
Disclaimer: putting avocado in your smoothie will cause browning
and impulses to throw out smoothie (don’t do it).

Juice from half a lemon for a good kick (won’t prevent browning).

Not pictured: half a cup of blueberries – THIS tricks your brain into thinking you’re
having a fruit smoothie. Also some yogurt, maybe 2/3 cup or your choice, and honey, to taste.
Blend it up, good to go. Make sure you store in a container that you can shake.

And it doesn’t taste like salad! It totally pulls off summer fruit beverage.
This smoothie makes for a good snack if you’re feeling “hungry”, or morning breakfast.
p.s – that’s about twice what I’ll drink in a sitting.

Happy healthing!

Dinner & A Cookie

Last week I went to my uncle’s house to get my 13 month-old udon noodles properly cooked. When the only heatproof round container you have is an over-sized mug, it’s tough to make noodles that aren’t chewy. One of these days I’ll have a real-life sauce pan. Until then, there’s always the 15 minute commute. Homemade chicken broth and some fresh veggies were all they needed. Quite simple, really, yet truly refreshing. I brought along some cookie supplies to try to get rid of the foodstuffs from the apple donut affair. Without a base recipe, I attempted what I recalled from my chocolate chip cookie ratios, threw in some peanut butter, chocolate frosting (shh) and rolled the dough in sliced almonds. Sometimes we college kids have to get creative with the food we leave ourselves with…seemed to work out, though.

That kale, though…how appetizing
Yummish…not bad for no recipe, surely