Day in the Life: Food52

The new year at work has already graced us with lovely people and food. While I’m embracing my job/opportunities with renewed energy this year, I’m enjoying capturing the essence of every day in a quick snap or two. Take a look at what we’ve been up to!

Right before we broke for the holidays, Union Square Events graced us with their presence AND a wide variety of stunning savory and sweet tarts for lunch. There was a mushroom & winter vegetables tart, quiche and smoked fish, pistachio, sablé, fig and grapefruit, roasted apple, gingerbread, and milk chocolate toffee, and more. It was really quite overwhelming, but a lovely break from the day, getting to chat with the chefs of Union Square Hospitality Group and enjoying their delicious meal for us. We’re so spoiled!

We were shooting some pretty platters for the Shop, and our chef made crab cakes for the occasion (we didn’t end up using the shot with the crab cakes). We turned them into a healthy lunch with salad and vinaigrette. Aesthetically pleasing.


We had a Valentine’s day-themed photo shoot, and our Art Director stopped on her way into the office for some quince branches. Then our chef in residence, Sara Jenkins, made some beautiful bright fuchsia ravioli, beet casunsei.

I was walking past the stove top in the test kitchen one afternoon of an editorial shoot, and looked into a pot which previously held duck for a warm duck and apple salad, and I thought it looked cool…


The sunlight comes through the office a little differently every day. I caught a moment that the light was coming through the pot of water steaming on the stove in a super cool way. You can see where the window frame got in the way and made stripes in the steam.

FullSizeRender 2

Looking forward to what the next weeks bring!

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