Holiday Hens

It’s a little late to talk about Thanksgiving, but here’s some inspiration for the rest of the holiday season. My mom and I had the same idea to make Cornish game hens for Thanksgiving. One for each of us, and one more for leftovers. Turns out I could barely finish the half that I put on my plate. We ate the hens along with some sautéed asparagus, and turnips, potatoes, mashed potatoes, and Brussels sprouts that we roasted with the hens.


We went with a dry rub of cayenne, garlic powder, sage and salt on the hens and vegetables (we subbed sage for thyme on one hen), and covered for the first half of the roasting, at 375° to keep the juices in. Then we uncovered it for browning. Before are photos of before the oven, halfway through cooking, and done.





For dessert, my mom(!) made trifle, which is a British dessert made from cake, juicy fruit, and custard. The idea is that the fruit juices and custard seep into the cake making it soft, similar to bread pudding. It all gets layered on top of each other.

first layer: brownies
second layer: berries
third layer: whipped cream


Yellow cake is traditionally used, but…chocolate! So I suppose both my mom and I made this…my mom made all the parts, and I combined them.

Trifle! Better than bread pudding, which I could never get into.

What’s the best thing you’ve had or planned on for the holidays? Leave your dish ideas below!

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