Spotted Dick

     Dear Britain,

             Thank you for very many of your sweet delicacies: Swiss rolls, Cadbury Flake, mince pie to name a few. And I’m sure this “spotted dick” of yours may be passable as a homemade dessert, but I’m wondering who told you it would be wise to put this pudding/bread/cake/raisins in a can to boil or microwave? Looking forward to hearing back on this.

If you’ve ever seen this, it may have been from Chopped. My grandma would boil this right in the can (as you’re instructed), and serve to my mom. I guess we thought we would try it out…bring back some memories, appreciate another British classic. Well, now we know what I was missing: not much.

Again, I can see how this may be an enjoyable homemade cake, or pudding. Still not sure about what exactly this is. Anyway, we opted for microwaving on a covered plate.
Finished product. It tasted like raisins, that’s pretty much it. So in case anyone was wondering about spotted dick, here you have it.

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