That Sugar Sweet

     I still have all this cooking lavender from France, and have been reading about lavender sugar for a while, so I finally tried it. You should too. You don’t need to go to France to find lavender, though it helps. But so does Amazon. Why not go for some lemon sugar while we’re at it? YUM HERE WE GO.

 I started with a tablespoon of dried lavender for about three quarters of a cup of sugar, and quickly realized that would be too much. If you have a food processor, you can take some sugar and pulverize the lavender with it so it can mix better with the rest of the sugar. Or else, put your back into it with a mortar & pestle. I ended up with about a teaspoon of lavender for 3/4 cup of sugar, and it came out pretty strong, so adjust to your preferences!
I’ll agree that this unattractive pile of mashed lavender looks more like some herb (“herb”). But fret not! I promise it will do nothing but good and well fragranced things for you and your kitchen.

If you didn’t use a processor, it might look like you have ants in your sugar. If you did, I’m guessing your sugar may look different. If you want, you can sieve out the lavender when you’re satisfied with infusion, but you can also leave it. I think it looks kinda cool…#rustic. Not actually like ants.

I laaahve all things lemon, short of eating a slice of lemon. It has such a bright, strong flavor and it makes most every baked good better. Baked betters! Now it can make so much more, so much better. I put a teaspoon of lemon zest in a cup of sugar. Don’t worry when it gets chunky and moist – eventually the zest will dry out. Feel free to sieve the zest out too. 
     Now you have this weird spiced sugar. What the heck now? Goodness, the possibilities are endless! What do you usually use sugar for? Oatmeal (oatmeal forever <3), hot bevs, cold bevs, toast (lavender sugar is the new cinnamon sugar tbh), decoration. Just look at it, so pretty! And this works for refined sugar as well as raw cane sugar, which is what I used. It's better for you, by the way. Don't limit yourself to lemon and lavender – you can make other citrus sugars, spent vanilla bean pods, ginger…even more endless possibilities! Get creative and have fun with it.

ps – have you seen the video for “Sugar” by Maroon 5? I approve #onlyinLA

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