That One Time I Had Finals: highspeedrecap

Oops, I got lost in the sea of work and woe. Now that I’m home, here is a super fast summary of the month of December in food.

Lunch with Jari and Shaunte at Taste of Thai: chicken wing and spring roll appetizers and yellow curry
Lunch with Robyn: Soup…it had chickpeas…and a curried tuna salad sandwich-interesting! Robyn had a “late autumn tart”
Rebecca’s birthday cake: only blog worthy because it looks beautiful, right? We won’t talk about how it started out… also, Nutella/PB middle
Look ma, no flour! Getting rid of food while testing out recipes with only two ingredients: Nutella cake using eggs (beaten? What?) and nutella…and peanut butter. It was manageable.
Anticipate more legitimate posts in the coming weeks as I bake my way through the holiday season
“Nutella cake” recipe here

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