Late-Night Cobbler

Sometimes you get home late and need something hot from the oven, but you’re too tired to bake anything requiring eggs and several cups of flour. This would be a great opportunity to make cobbler for one. This blueberry cobbler happened back when blueberries were around (though I saw some at the farmer’s market yesterday…hmm), but you can use any fruit that’s in season when you want it. Frozen fruit also works well.


Late-Night Cobbler for One

1/3 cup fruit (berries, chopped stone fruit or apples, etc)
2 tablespoons brown sugar1/2 tablespoon butter, at room temperature or in small pieces
2 teaspoons flour
1 tablespoon oats
Drizzle of honey (optional)


Place the fruit in a ramekin. In a separate bowl, mix up the brown sugar, butter, flour and oats with your fingers. Drizzle some honey over the fruit if you’d like. If not, top the fruit with the crumble and put in the first third of the oven at 400° until juices are coming out around the edges of the crumble, around 10-15 minutes. Let cool, seriously. It will be very hot! Enjoy and repeat as necessary.