Ithaca Farmer’s Market

      It may not be at a large ferry plaza, but Ithaca’s weekly farmer’s market at the steamboat landing (always water vessels) has everything you need and most things you don’t, but want to put in your house anyway. I have vivid memories of this farmer’s market from when I was wee Laddette visiting my grandma. She, my parents, uncle and I would walk around and look at the photographs and paintings from the local artists. I’m sure we looked at the food too, but somehow I really remember the artists. Maybe it’s because there was a stand with and old man who did Chinese calligraphy and painting. At the time, I was enrolled in martial arts etc. classes, the “etc.” including Japanese calligraphy, and I couldn’t have been older than seven. My dad was showing some interest in one of his scrolls with a painting of a cliff with a plum tree, and a poem in Japanese. He read us the text from a different scroll and seven year-old me applauded when he was finished. He told my dad that if he bought the plum tree-cliff scroll, he’d add my new favorite artwork for free. And we did walk away with both scrolls.
     Needless to say, this farmer’s market is no new development. In fact, I’ve seen the same man with the scrolls since starting at Ithaca College. But now, my eyes are just as focused on apple cider doughnuts, crêpes, and Cambodian food. For what’s seeming to be the last nice weekend of the year, I went to the farmer’s market, grabbed lunch, and had a good gander.

Much to feast on for breakfast/lunch/both.
Pretty cupcakes
Carriage House Wood Crafters

Always the heirloom tomatoes

     These apple cider doughnuts are the best doughnuts I’ve ever had, easily. Better than Krispy Kreme. That may be partially because I know they’re so much…less…unhealthy. These are so popular at the Apple Harvest Festival every year, and at certain points throughout that weekend, there will be hour long lines for these doughnuts. These doughnuts, which you can purchase at the same price of 75 cents at the farmer’s market on any given weekend around Apple Fest, or at the orchard. If you go to the orchard early enough, you can get them right out of the oil, too hot to eat for a minute or two.

     My French friend Ben who studies at IC told me that the crêpes at the farmer’s market are truly excellent, so I had to try one for lunch. I tried the “strawberry sweet cheese vanilla” crêpe with some cream cheesey substance on top, and the same of the strawberry variety on the inside. It was almost too sweet for me (which is VERY sweet), but I was satisfied with my choice. I took a picture of Shyla’s Cambodian lunch, which sounds really good. If I defeat my sweet tooth, I’ll try for that next time.

     A recent development at the farmer’s market is this popsicle stand, which is quite reminiscent of San Francisco in that the flavors of popsicle are unconventional and awesome.

Xine got a spicy Mexican chocolate popsicle
Shyla got a strawberry lemonade popsicle
And Liz got a blueberry lavender popsicle.
I heard they were all good.
We met someone who bought these cool looking artichoke flowers. She
wasn’t sure what she was going to do with them (cook or decorate).

     The farmer’s market is a lovely place to go on a weekend morning before you start further work procrastination, to listen to live music, grab a bite to eat, run into friends, and pick up some kale.

Paris Meets Providence

Due to my abnormally long Thanksgiving break, I thought to use it finding friends who still have classes this week. I went to visit Shyam in Brown, located in my favorite US city: Providence! Thankfully it wasn’t a brutal November day, so I got a tour of campus and a stroll down Thayer street. We were thinking of places to dine for lunch and I suddenly remembered the sketchy crêpe place my RISD pre-college buddies would go on the weekend called La Crêperie (don’t let the website fool you). Looks like they cleaned it up a bit on the outside, but it’s still to be found in a random alley off Thayer, and is still awkwardly tiny. But what they lack in presentation they make up for in all things edible. Sweet crêpes? Check. With Nutella? hahahaduh! Savory crêpes? Check. With brie? Mais bien sûr! Belgian waffles with berries? Yes please. Smoothies? Smooth. If you’ve been dragged along by your unyielding offbeat friends, you could probably find a salad or wrap to sate your appetite.

Definitely opted for the classic apples & brie combo, which I finished, barely. It was great, though! Shyam’s Josephine with chicken, cheddar, mushroom & béchamel sauce (AKA white sauce?) was also good! Next time I’ll probably have to go for the Nutella waffle C:

You know it’s legit when the overhead menu is aesthetically pleasing (must have been those RISDans)
apple + brie + anything else = good eats