Beach Baguette

This is a simple yet incredible sandwich I made my mom and myself for the beach. The inspiration came from a nearly identical sandwich I had at Whole Foods, and even though I try to avoid shopping there whenever possible, sometimes their lunch is very convenient and occasionally worth the price.

The sandwich I bought was in a baguette which was the first sign of greatness. In the sandwich was brie, apple slices, and thick cold cuts of turkey. Sounds simple, which it is, but it has all the texture needs and flavor combos: soft and crunchy, savory and sweet. Easy to make and easier to pack for the beach. No fuss, no mess. There was leftover grilled chicken in the fridge, so we used that. Here it is:

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BAT (Brie Apple Turkey) Sandwich

Makes 2


One baguette

About one wedge of brie cheese

1 granny smith apple

4 slices smoked turkey or whichever white meat you have around

Dijon Mustard


Cut the tips off of the baguette (save for Nutella scoopers later). Cut in half vertically and horizontally, making two sandwich shells. Coat the bottom slices with dijon mustard and the top slices with mayonnaise. Cut thick slices of brie, about 1/8 inch thick, and lay onto the bottom halves of bread. Next, cut the apple into slices slightly thinner than the brie, and lay one layer above the brie. Lastly, add two slices of turkey to each sandwich, then close it up. Pack in plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready for the beach.

Of course, feel free to adjust the proportions to your liking, my own seem to be a good average. If you’re wary of apples with cheese, thinner slices will be a good gateway into a whole new world.

Enjoy the beach! The water is perfect rn.


Paris Meets Providence

Due to my abnormally long Thanksgiving break, I thought to use it finding friends who still have classes this week. I went to visit Shyam in Brown, located in my favorite US city: Providence! Thankfully it wasn’t a brutal November day, so I got a tour of campus and a stroll down Thayer street. We were thinking of places to dine for lunch and I suddenly remembered the sketchy crêpe place my RISD pre-college buddies would go on the weekend called La Crêperie (don’t let the website fool you). Looks like they cleaned it up a bit on the outside, but it’s still to be found in a random alley off Thayer, and is still awkwardly tiny. But what they lack in presentation they make up for in all things edible. Sweet crêpes? Check. With Nutella? hahahaduh! Savory crêpes? Check. With brie? Mais bien sûr! Belgian waffles with berries? Yes please. Smoothies? Smooth. If you’ve been dragged along by your unyielding offbeat friends, you could probably find a salad or wrap to sate your appetite.

Definitely opted for the classic apples & brie combo, which I finished, barely. It was great, though! Shyam’s Josephine with chicken, cheddar, mushroom & béchamel sauce (AKA white sauce?) was also good! Next time I’ll probably have to go for the Nutella waffle C:

You know it’s legit when the overhead menu is aesthetically pleasing (must have been those RISDans)
apple + brie + anything else = good eats

Halloweekend (#1): DIY Dinner

 A fine meal. Ghetto? Noo, resourceful…
Happy Halloween! Despite the diminutive “kitchen” in my dorm, and deficient collection of appropriate cooking tools, I am not always discouraged from making/helping make a meal for myself and friends. Really anything is better than cooked broccoli and soft beef tacos from the dining hall. This past weekend Rebecca, Tommy, Wei En and I got together at Shyla’s apartment to make dinner. Definitely on the top 10 list of potluck dinner-making events…if I had more than 10 occasions to rank. Rebecca started us off with tubed (tubed? already processed, perhaps) polenta. I’m still relatively unfamiliar with the dish as it was the first time that I know of that I had it. Rebecca put some balsamic vinegar on the pieces and finished them off with some goat cheese and craisins. She also made a salad with raspberries, homemade dressing and more of the craisin-cheese topping. Then Tommy made this baked brie dish thing covering a block of brie in a brandy and brown sugar glaze. Toasted some appropriately French bread to ingest with; what a concept. There was pasta…I was “cooking” it, though no one seemed to trust my see-if-the-pasta’s-soft-or-not skills…-_____- Red sauce and pesto were made for the pasta. The one thing they apparently did trust me in (and rightly so mwahaha!) was dessert. Dessert would definitely be my area of expertise…not that I can’t produce an exceptional pan-cooked lamb kebab dinner, either 😛 Aanyway…appreciating the season and preferring health over grease and simplicity over effort (or so I thought…oops), I made a satisfyingly sweet finale. I have to credit Tumblr for this brilliant idea of apple donuts which were legen-wait for it….dary! You slice apples horizontally and core them to cover them in peanut butter, and top them off with chocolate chips, raisins, dates, sliced almonds, or whatever your heart desires. So no, there were no real donuts involved. And of course you can use whatever spread as well, like NUTELLA! My budget did not make space for such luxuries, but next time…definitely next time…
Hard(er) at work
Rebecca & her polenta
This will be happening again…
Brie in the making
My masterpieces – don’t be fooled: harder than they look!